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What we do other than giving advice!

Research and Campaigns Forum, or what we do other than giving advice!

The Research and Campaigns Forum in Manchester this week certainly helped me understand how much work goes on behind the scenes to directly influence and change at the highest level- parliament. Citizens Advice’s key strength is having local and national data that shows real life impact, covering a wide range of areas from care homes to good job adverts, benefits to cold calling.

Cathy Pearson Manchester Forum
Research and Campaigns Forum

A parliamentary outreach worker explained how best to contact MPs or peers to influence or have a say in new laws. The day was a reminder of how important the information from local Citizens Advice is and how it is in high demand. It is taken directly to government, in frequent meetings with various departments who are going through the process of writing and amending new legislation.

We also shared issues with Universal Credit Intelligence Hub representatives, which will be used to improve clients’ experiences both locally and nationally.

Finally, we had a talk on Health and Work, looking at how people with disabilities and health conditions find it harder to get work and stay in work. There are many suggestions on how to help, including the employers role in this, and Citizens Advice will be there from the start, directly letting the government know what people’s issues are and what is needed to help improve their situation.

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