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Citizens Advice Knowsley Volunteer Lands Dream Job

David started volunteering as our Commnications Officer in May 2016. Here is his success story.

Since May 2016, I have been volunteering with Citizens Advice Knowsley as a Communications Officer. I worked within the small comms team focusing on social media channels such as Twitter, Facebook and YouTube, as well as creating blog posts, banners, leaflets and press releases. My work mainly centered on YouTube as I film and edit videos in my own time.

david thomas
David Thomas

I truly enjoyed my 7 months with Citizens Advice Knowsley. I started just as I was finishing up with my law degree wishing to start a career in something completely different. As a law graduate, it was difficult to even be considered for positions working in social and creative media. I would apply for roles and hear nothing back, and if I did hear anything back, it was a rejection. Through my university’s student union, the Liverpool Guild of Students, I found the role of Communications Officer advertised, I applied and interviewed, and was lucky enough to get the role! I knew I would be gaining experience in what I wanted to be doing, and would be making a difference to the local community whilst doing so. I’m still so grateful to have been given this opportunity, as many overlooked me before knowing anything about me.

After 7 months, I’m leaving Citizens Advice Knowsley to start a full-time job. I’m moving to London to work as a social media and website intern for a charity operating in Essex and East London, a role I would have had no chance of getting if it were not for my time with Citizens Advice Knowsley. I gained experience of work in the social sector, but most importantly to me, I gained experience of managing and creating content for a professional organisation, whereas before I had only worked on my own online presence and that of friends.

Without a doubt, my experience at Citizens Advice Knowsley gave me this opportunity. The experience I gained was invaluable. I worked alongside such amazing, friendly people who were always there to lend a hand and work hard towards our campaigns and goals. I’ll be taking so many of the skills I learned with me to London to utilise in a job that signifies the start of my career!

I cannot thank Maggi and the Citizens Advice Knowsley team enough, without them it’s likely I’d still be struggling to find employment in social and creative media, but my time with them gave me such a boost. I received so many more responses to my applications once my CV noted my Citizens Advice work. I had something which edged me out from the rest of the applicants – the fact I volunteered! Giving up your own time to volunteer really shows a lot about you, and drastically improves upon your CV and that’s before you start counting the skills you gain from the volunteering itself!

Nothing can compare to this experience, even just one afternoon a week could really improve your chances of finding further employment as it did mine. I wholeheartedly recommend applying to become a volunteer with Citizens Advice Knowsley, it’s fun, challenging, rewarding and pays off massively.

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