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Posts tagged: Advice

Health and Wellbeing report

Cover of Health and Wellbeing report

We have been conducting research on whether the advice we give has an impact on the health and wellbeing of our clients. Why are we researching health and wellbeing? Health and wellbeing is an increasingly important topic. On average, 1 in 4 people experience mental health problems and mental health is the most commonly occurring […]

£600 of a debt written off due to a creditor administrator error

Good News Story

Last week our debt team helped a lady get nearly £600 of a debt written off due to a creditor administrator error. Great Result for a happy client! The lady was absolutely overjoyed and our caseworker commented: “it’s been fantastic to hold a creditor accountable and help someone who needed really needed” This is just […]

Successful ESA appeal results in award of over £170 a week for client

ESA Appeal Photo

Another successful ESA appeal thanks to Citizens Advice Knowsley! Our client was given an award of over £170 a week, and arrears of over £1500. They were also placed in the support group by the DWP, which is for people who are severely affected by their health conditions. This was a fantastic result and the […]

What we do other than giving advice!

Cathy Pearson Manchester Forum

Research and Campaigns Forum, or what we do other than giving advice! The Research and Campaigns Forum in Manchester this week certainly helped me understand how much work goes on behind the scenes to directly influence and change at the highest level- parliament. Citizens Advice’s key strength is having local and national data that shows […]

Benefit Appeal Resulting in £53,521 over 5 years!

karen benefits team

A client came in asking for help as she was claiming Disability Living Allowance(DLA) and when she was required to transfer onto PIP she failed the PIP assessment after being awarded 0 points. Our benefits advisor assisted her with appealing this decision and our client won the appeal. Not only did our client win the […]

Financial Capability Week

money buddies

This week beginning 14th November, we are promoting Financial Capability. Take control of your finances! Advice, guidance and education. We can help with… Budgeting Getting the right Benefits Saving Money on Utilities Planning for Life Events and much more… Events are being held at our offices in: Huyton and Halewood, Tuesday 15th November between 9am-3pm […]

PIP Appeal leads to arrears payment of £3714 and a weekly income of £112.55 a week

Congratulations to one of our clients on securing a successful outcome to their Personal Independence Payment(PIP) appeal. Our advisors provided assistance, guidance and support to the client in preparing for and presenting their appeal case, after the client was given a nil award in an initial assessment. As a result of the help they received […]

Get Online in Knowsley

Knowsley Council Get Online

Get Online in Knowsley. In the modern world, everything necessary for the smooth running of everyday life seems to require internet access, whether applying for benefits, looking for information or searching for and applying for employment. Recently, research was carried out by Knowsley Citizens Advice into digital barriers stopping our clients from accessing the internet. […]

PIP/DLA Re-Assessment resulting in an Income Increase of £60 A Week

This week Angela, one of our advisers was delighted to be able to help one of our clients with a PIP/DLA re-assessment. The client was previously receiving the lower rate component of £21.80 a week and the higher rate mobility component of £57.45 per week, giving them a PIP/DLA income of £79.25 a week. After […]