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Success Stories

Reinstated Benefit worth £6500

David and Emma Volunteers

Congratulations to one of our clients on successfully appealing a benefits decision, this week. Our team of dedicated volunteers in Knowsley Citizens Advice were on hand to provide assistance with getting the client’s benefit reinstated. Not only was the appeal a success but it has also given our client a boost in their income worth […]

PIP Appeal leads to arrears payment of £3714 and a weekly income of £112.55 a week

Congratulations to one of our clients on securing a successful outcome to their Personal Independence Payment(PIP) appeal. Our advisors provided assistance, guidance and support to the client in preparing for and presenting their appeal case, after the client was given a nil award in an initial assessment. As a result of the help they received […]

PIP/DLA Re-Assessment resulting in an Income Increase of £60 A Week

This week Angela, one of our advisers was delighted to be able to help one of our clients with a PIP/DLA re-assessment. The client was previously receiving the lower rate component of £21.80 a week and the higher rate mobility component of £57.45 per week, giving them a PIP/DLA income of £79.25 a week. After […]

£6,500 Awarded In Backdated Benefit

danny benefits good news

A client visited the bureau to request a benefit check as they were due to have a change of circumstances in their life and wanted to know how this change may affect their benefit entitlements. Upon a review of their circumstances, Danny noticed that the client was not in receipt of a premium in their […]

PIP Appeal Securing Client £5413 A Year

pip appeal pic

Good News Tweet We’ve just helped a client win a PIP appeal, securing them £5413.20 a year plus a back payment of £2393.94 #benefits #GetAdviceKnowsley Share ThisFacebookTwitterLinkedinemail

£2,490 Charitable Grant Towards New Boiler


Good News Story of the Week in Knowsley Advice At this time of the year, as we move into the cold, dark nights, a faulty boiler can be a major problem for those people who cannot afford replacement or repairs. This week we were delighted to be able to help one of our clients in […]

Good News Story – Maternity Benefits

maternity benefits

Pregnancy can be a special but also a stressful time for many women, especially when it comes to employment issues. One of our dedicated team of advisers has just helped an expectant mother, confronted with the threat of dismissal by her employer for taking time off sick, due to her condition. The adviser provided guidance […]

Good News Story of the Week – PIP

More good news! It has been a fantastic week for one of our clients and our benefits advice team. We successfully assisted with a Personal Independence Payment (PIP) appeal, recently, securing our client £3,700 in PIP. This is yet more evidence of how important the guidance and support provided by the Knowsley Citizens Adivce service […]

Good News Story of the Week

Good News Story Tommy

Congratulations to Tommy, one of our dedicated volunteers in Kirkby! This week he advised a client on their benefit entitlement and discovered they were eligible for a Severe Disability Premium. We have just applied for severe disability premium for a client for nearly £13,000 Great work here today #advice — Knowsley CAB (@KnowsleyCAB1) August […]