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PIP Appeal leads to arrears payment of £3714 and a weekly income of £112.55 a week

personal independence paymentCongratulations to one of our clients on securing a successful outcome to their Personal Independence Payment(PIP) appeal.

Our advisors provided assistance, guidance and support to the client in preparing for and presenting their appeal case, after the client was given a nil award in an initial assessment.

As a result of the help they received from our team in Knowsley Citizens Advice, the client was re-assessed as eligible for the standard rate daily living component and the enhanced rate of the mobility component. The client is now going to receive an arrears payment of £3714.15 and a weekly income of £112.55 a week.

To go from a PIP nil award to an acknowledgment of their right to regular fiscal support is indicative of the importance of the advice provided by Knowsley Citizens Advice to our clients. Without this integral assistance, our client would have been considerably disadvantaged in terms of their health, well-being and ability to financially support themselves, with the potential for far-reaching consequences. Fortunately, for our client, we were here to help when needed, just as we are for you.