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Money Saving Tips for Students – Top 7

Students are always looking for ways to save money, so here are 7 top money saving tips for students.

train ticket student discount

Journeys to and from home, university and social activities can mean that transport alone can cost the average student a considerable amount.

Make sure you book your train tickets in advance to get the best deal and apply for railcardsand student bus passes to get cheaper everyday transport.

student discount shopping

Your student ID card can be used to get discounts in many shops, restaurants and cinemas, just ask whether any discounts are available. Also remember to apply for your NUS Extra cardwhich gets you hundreds of discounts online and on the high street, at home or abroad, for a nominal fee, based on a one, two or three-year card.

Check out the National Union of Studentswebsite for more info and terms and conditions.

microsoft office logo

Once you have enrolled on your course and registered your academic email account, you may be eligible for a free version of Microsoft Officefor your laptop or iPad.


Make sure you get your Council Tax exemption certificate from your university admin office, as full-time students do not pay council tax.

NUS Link for more information

library books

Some students manage to get through uni not reading anything more challenging than the pizza delivery menu.

However, just in case it is necessary to engage with written academia, buy your books second-hand or utilise that 19th century institution, the library, and save your pennies!

bank sign

Shop around for the best deal on your student current account. Pay particular attention to deals on cash-back, interest rates, overdraft limits and discounts to get the best deal out of your finances.


Once the parents are not around to provide you with prepared sustenance it can be tempting to live on a diet of take-aways, Kit-Kats and beer. At the risk of stating the obvious, this can burn a hole in your budget so before you go shopping, plan your meals and make a list.

Remember, consuming vast quantities of mozzarella cheese and alcohol can have an impact on your health and your hearing if your mum finds out.

The best kind of university experience is fun and stress-free, so enjoy yourself by taking care of your finances, your health and your well-being, and enjoy the memories and the mayhem.

Helpful Links: National Union of Students (NUS Extra)

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