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Highlights From Our Readability Project

We recently completed our Readability research. Readability is defined as the ease with which a written text can be understood, and our project focused on how easy benefit letters are to read and understand.

We investigated this issue analysing the text of sample benefit letters, and analysing the results from our questionnaire which was completed by both staff and clients.

Text Analysis

Our text analysis showed that a typical DWP letters requires a reading age of 9-10 years to understand it. This is higher than the average reading age of the 15% of Knowsley residents who hold no formal qualifications.

Results from our Questionnaire

Do you think the letters contain specific information relevant to you/the client?

readability highlights 1

Do think the letters are tailored to individuals?

readability highlights 2

Do you think the letters use language that clients/you find easy to understand?

readability highlights 3

Do you think the letters are clear and concise?

readability highlights 4

Do you think the letters are structured in a way that makes sense to clients/you?

readability highlights 5

Do you think the letters help people understand where they are in the claims process?

readability highlights 6

Do you think that the letters clearly communicate what needs to be done by the client, and by when?

readability highlights 7

Download The Full Report (PDF File): The Readability Project
More Information: About the Readability Project Campaign