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Get Online in Knowsley

Get Online in Knowsley. In the modern world, everything necessary for the smooth running of everyday life seems to require internet access, whether applying for benefits, looking for information or searching for and applying for employment.

Get Online Knowsley Council

Recently, research was carried out by Knowsley Citizens Advice into digital barriers stopping our clients from accessing the internet. Perhaps the most important factor preventing members of the community from using the internet is cost, many of the people who need access to government and employment services the most, those on lower incomes or unemployed, are the very people unable to afford internet access in their home and are unaware and unable to access facilities open to the public with free internet.

As part of Get Online Week, Knowsley Citizens Advice and Knowsley Council are encouraging local residents to drop into council one-stop-shops and libraries, where you can use PCs, free of charge, with digital champions on hand to help you with any questions or problems you might have when using the internet. Access to the world of technology and communication available on the internet is open to all regardless of age, affordability or mobility, so go ahead and get online this week.

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