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Benefit Appeal Resulting in £53,521 over 5 years!

karen benefits teamA client came in asking for help as she was claiming Disability Living Allowance(DLA) and when she was required to transfer onto PIP she failed the PIP assessment after being awarded 0 points.

Our benefits advisor assisted her with appealing this decision and our client won the appeal.

Not only did our client win the appeal, but on DLA she was receiving middle rate care and low rate disability, and she has now been awarded the enhanced rate daily living component and enhanced rate mobility component. This means that she will see an increase in the amount she receives compared to when she was receiving DLA.

In total, the award will run for at least 5 years, and in this time she will receive £36,335 in PIP entitlement and an additional severe disability premium of £17,186 added to her ESA entitlement.

This means our client will be £53,521 better off across the next 5 years!

Another great success from our team who’ve worked tirelessly to help people appeal their benefit decisions.