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Posts by: Knowsley_CAB

Fantastic Launch for the Better Off Finance Project

Better off finance

The Better Off Finance Project will allow support for 800 individuals across the Liverpool City Region to manage money and access employment through the new project. It is a Liverpool City Region wide programme which will offer support around money management and accessing employment opportunities launched on Thursday 26th January in Halton. Better Off Finance…

Client receives additional £8500 over 5 years


Yet another good news story about a client claiming PIP. A client came to visit us recently for advice regarding how to apply for PIP Kelly aided them in filling in their form and advised them on other benefits they could claim. The client received an additional income of over £8500 every year for the…

Client Awarded PIP Arrears of £2096

success story

Our staff and volunteers have been working non-stop to help people with appealing their PIP decisions with great success. Yet another successful PIP appeal. The client was awarded Enhanced Rate Daily Living Component and Enhanced Rate Mobility Component and entitled to arrears of £2096.25 and an ongoing award of £139.75 per week until 2021 Our…

What we do other than giving advice!

Cathy Pearson Manchester Forum

Research and Campaigns Forum, or what we do other than giving advice! The Research and Campaigns Forum in Manchester this week certainly helped me understand how much work goes on behind the scenes to directly influence and change at the highest level- parliament. Citizens Advice’s key strength is having local and national data that shows…

Client Awarded PIP Arrears of £2183


Our staff and volunteers have been working non-stop to help people with appealing their PIP decisions with great success. A client recently asked for help with appealing their PIP decision and won the appeal, being awarded £2183.10 in arrears as well as an ongoing award of £57.45 per week for the next 5 years. Great…

Client Awarded PIP Arrears of £1508

Success Story

Great news for one of our clients who asked us for help appealing their PIP decision. Our client was awarded PIP arrears of £1508.40, as well as £139.75 per week until 2019. Our client was very happy with this result, and our staff and volunteers will continue to help clients with benefit appeals. Share ThisFacebookTwitterLinkedinemail

Citizens Advice Knowsley Volunteer Lands Dream Job

david thomas

David started volunteering as our Commnications Officer in May 2016. Here is his success story. Since May 2016, I have been volunteering with Citizens Advice Knowsley as a Communications Officer. I worked within the small comms team focusing on social media channels such as Twitter, Facebook and YouTube, as well as creating blog posts, banners,…

Benefit Appeal Resulting in £53,521 over 5 years!

karen benefits team

A client came in asking for help as she was claiming Disability Living Allowance(DLA) and when she was required to transfer onto PIP she failed the PIP assessment after being awarded 0 points. Our benefits advisor assisted her with appealing this decision and our client won the appeal. Not only did our client win the…