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6 Myths About Volunteering

There are many myths about volunteering for Citizens Advice Knowsley. Here are 6 of them.

1) It takes a lot of time to volunteer
Time Clock
No, a little time and effort goes a long way to contributing something positive.
2) You need to have specific skills

Being a tech genius is fantastic but the ability to listen, empathise and understand is more important. Anything else can be learned!

3) You need to be young


Experience of life is not a matter of age. You are just as likely to find people who ‘rocked around the clock’ as know how to ‘Gangnam Style’ volunteering.

4) People under 35 are more reluctant to get involved in volunteeringLogo
Contrary to popular opinion, the young do engage without society without use of a screen. Many young people are volunteers passionate about improving their communities.
5) Volunteering is boringvolunteering5

Volunteering involves interacting with and assisting many people in diverse and sometimes difficult situations, which means no day is ever the same!

6) You can’t volunteer if you are on benefitsLogo
You can volunteer on certain benefits, in fact, it improves and enhances skills, looks good on a C.V and gives a boost to the self-esteem. Just check with your benefits office.

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