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Posts tagged: benefits

Highlights From Our Readability Project

readability highlights 7

We recently completed our Readability research. Readability is defined as the ease with which a written text can be understood, and our project focused on how easy benefit letters are to read and understand. We investigated this issue analysing the text of sample benefit letters, and analysing the results from our questionnaire which was completed…

Successful ESA appeal results in award of over £170 a week for client

ESA Appeal Photo

Another successful ESA appeal thanks to Citizens Advice Knowsley! Our client was given an award of over £170 a week, and arrears of over £1500. They were also placed in the support group by the DWP, which is for people who are severely affected by their health conditions. This was a fantastic result and the…

Helped client receive a £4000 increase with their PIP claim


Our staff and volunteers having been helping more people to claim the benefits they need. Joe recently carried out a home visit and was able to help a client with sorting their PIP claim, which increased the amount they received from their other benefits. This increase the client’s total benefits by £4000 a year. The…

Client receives additional £8500 over 5 years


Yet another good news story about a client claiming PIP. A client came to visit us recently for advice regarding how to apply for PIP Kelly aided them in filling in their form and advised them on other benefits they could claim. The client received an additional income of over £8500 every year for the…

Client Awarded PIP Arrears of £2096

success story

Our staff and volunteers have been working non-stop to help people with appealing their PIP decisions with great success. Yet another successful PIP appeal. The client was awarded Enhanced Rate Daily Living Component and Enhanced Rate Mobility Component and entitled to arrears of £2096.25 and an ongoing award of £139.75 per week until 2021 Our…

Client Awarded PIP Arrears of £2183


Our staff and volunteers have been working non-stop to help people with appealing their PIP decisions with great success. A client recently asked for help with appealing their PIP decision and won the appeal, being awarded £2183.10 in arrears as well as an ongoing award of £57.45 per week for the next 5 years. Great…

Client Awarded PIP Arrears of £1508

Success Story

Great news for one of our clients who asked us for help appealing their PIP decision. Our client was awarded PIP arrears of £1508.40, as well as £139.75 per week until 2019. Our client was very happy with this result, and our staff and volunteers will continue to help clients with benefit appeals. Share This

PIP Appeal results in £1708 in arrears and payments of £55 pw

Another successful appeal thanks to our advisors at Citizens Advice Knowsley! Our advisors have been hard at work lately helping clients to appeal benefit entitlement decisions. This week our advisor Angela helped a client to appeal a PIP decision. The client was awarded £1708.10 in arrears, as well as ongoing payments of £55.10 per week.…

Benefit Appeal Resulting in £53,521 over 5 years!

karen benefits team

A client came in asking for help as she was claiming Disability Living Allowance(DLA) and when she was required to transfer onto PIP she failed the PIP assessment after being awarded 0 points. Our benefits advisor assisted her with appealing this decision and our client won the appeal. Not only did our client win the…