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Get Online in Knowsley

Knowsley Council Get Online

Get Online in Knowsley. In the modern world, everything necessary for the smooth running of everyday life seems to require internet access, whether applying for benefits, looking for information or searching for and applying for employment. Recently, research was carried out by Knowsley Citizens Advice into digital barriers stopping our clients from accessing the internet.…

PIP/DLA Re-Assessment resulting in an Income Increase of £60 A Week

This week Angela, one of our advisers was delighted to be able to help one of our clients with a PIP/DLA re-assessment. The client was previously receiving the lower rate component of £21.80 a week and the higher rate mobility component of £57.45 per week, giving them a PIP/DLA income of £79.25 a week. After…

£6,500 Awarded In Backdated Benefit

danny benefits good news

A client visited the bureau to request a benefit check as they were due to have a change of circumstances in their life and wanted to know how this change may affect their benefit entitlements. Upon a review of their circumstances, Danny noticed that the client was not in receipt of a premium in their…

PIP Appeal Securing Client £5413 A Year

pip appeal pic

Good News Tweet We’ve just helped a client win a PIP appeal, securing them £5413.20 a year plus a back payment of £2393.94 #benefits #GetAdviceKnowsley Share This

£2,490 Charitable Grant Towards New Boiler


Good News Story of the Week in Knowsley Advice At this time of the year, as we move into the cold, dark nights, a faulty boiler can be a major problem for those people who cannot afford replacement or repairs. This week we were delighted to be able to help one of our clients in…

Problems with your Child Tax Credits being stopped unfairly?

We’ve been noticing a worrying trend at Citizens Advice Knowsley recently, with a significant number of people visiting us due to their Child Tax Credits (CTC) being stopped without a proper reason. The payments are usually stopped by a company called Concentrix, who are working on behalf of HMRC and are responsible for handling CTC…

Good News Story – Maternity Benefits

maternity benefits

Pregnancy can be a special but also a stressful time for many women, especially when it comes to employment issues. One of our dedicated team of advisers has just helped an expectant mother, confronted with the threat of dismissal by her employer for taking time off sick, due to her condition. The adviser provided guidance…

Welfare Reform – 6 Highlights from our report

living wage

We have recently compiled a document of all the Welfare Reform changes that have occurred, or will be happening this year. As some of these aren’t the most accessible, we thought it would be handy if we post a short summary of some of the changes on our blog for all of you to have…

Money Saving Tips for Students – Top 7

council tax bill

Students are always looking for ways to save money, so here are 7 top money saving tips for students. Journeys to and from home, university and social activities can mean that transport alone can cost the average student a considerable amount. Make sure you book your train tickets in advance to get the best deal…

Universal Credit Research

Universal Credit

What is Universal Credit? Universal Credit is a relatively new benefit which is set to replace 6 other types of benefits, including income-based JSA, income-related ESA, Income Support, Housing Benefit, Working Tax Credit and Child Tax Credit. If you’re currently receiving any of these benefits, you are likely to be affected by the Universal Credit…